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This is the forum to the Star Seed Union United's public notifications, actions, and debates. All are welcome with open arms into our organization who wish to enter
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Meeting on June 12th 2015 at 5p.m EST, Long Live The Union United!

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 Star Seed Union United & United States News Update 11/12/14

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Condread Selstar

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PostSubject: Star Seed Union United & United States News Update 11/12/14   Wed Nov 12, 2014 10:24 pm

Union United News

  • The Union United Wikipedia has been undergoing mass updates and as of now there are over 100 pages on the website.

  • The Union United member Condread Selstar is planing to make a public appearance in an interview in a small local newspaper to speak about world and local issues and how to resolve them.

  • The Union United has had an anthem created for itself and is planning to raise the flag of the SSUU on the 14th of April 2015 and play the anthem in full. As such to this there is also a pledge of allegiance being made for the occasion.

  • More information has been gathered about the "Dark Ones" ( see the Star Seed United wikia for more info ) ¬†that can be used help neutralize the threat to the people of Earth and Andromeda.

United States Government News

  • Republicans take both the House and Senate, Obama says he will work with or without congressional approval. With the midterm election results known we now know that both the House and Senate are held by a majority of Republicans, things like the end of the Democratic party are being stated by U.S. media when 6 years ago the said was same of the Republican Party.

  • Ebola still shocks the American public from cases in New York, and Texas. Though these small cases have occurred it is not realized that America is best suited with its medical field to deal with this issue and that out of all sicknesses that ravage Africa Ebola is the current lowest in death toll.

  • Isis grows and the "no troops on the ground" has turned into a rough 3,000 back in the Middle East. Yet again America is drawn into the Middle east by a religious terrorist regime however it shows the lies from the American government about sending no one over. ¬†
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Star Seed Union United & United States News Update 11/12/14
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