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This is the forum to the Star Seed Union United's public notifications, actions, and debates. All are welcome with open arms into our organization who wish to enter
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Meeting on June 12th 2015 at 5p.m EST, Long Live The Union United!

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 Update 10/13/14

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Condread Selstar

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PostSubject: Update 10/13/14   Mon Oct 13, 2014 2:59 am

List of updates for 10/13/14:

  • Portal Creation
  • Display Edits
  • Poll Section
  • New Member PM

Portal Creation
A Portal page for the forum has now been created the homepage is still accessible. With the creation of the Portal this means that the look of the forum if you choose to use the Portal is slightly different. The homepage of the forum can be reached on the Portal via the Iframe. Under the Iframe of the SSUU forum homepage you will notice a Iframe for the Star Seed Union United's Wikipedia has been added to allow information to be found more easily. On the left side of the Portal you will be able to see if you are logged in or not as well as tools such as a calendar, search bar and information on highly active users. On the right side of the portal there are tools for forum navigation and a stream of the latest and most viewed topics on the forum. The Portal itself is still in its Beta stages and it not perfected and will be edited near constantly. If you have any suggestions for the Portal please create a reply below.

Display Edits
The forum homepage has undergone a few visual edits note that the banner at the top of the forum the forum description and menu are now all centered. There is now homepage message that will display the words "Long Live the Union United" and all categories and forums have been slightly spaced with new borders to add a layer of depth and slightly more of a color pallet to the forum.

Polling Section
A polling section has been created in order to more neatly organize the voting system on the ability to overturn captain decisions. A poll will be created after any decision is made by the Captains so the rest of the SSUU (excluding new recruits and captains) can vote on possibly overturning the decision.

New Member PM
A default personal message has been created containing a welcome to new members of the SSUU that will be sent when they sign up and contains a brief explanation the SSUUs history.
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Update 10/13/14
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