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This is the forum to the Star Seed Union United's public notifications, actions, and debates. All are welcome with open arms into our organization who wish to enter
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Meeting on June 12th 2015 at 5p.m EST, Long Live The Union United!

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 SSUU Forum Update 10/12/14

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Condread Selstar

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PostSubject: SSUU Forum Update 10/12/14   Sun Oct 12, 2014 1:45 pm

As of 10/12/14 there have been updates to the Star Seed Union United Official Forum these changes include:

  • A Log-In pop-up
  • Announcement Header
  • Activity Counter
  • Changes to code of conduct

Log In Pop Up
This will most likely not affect any current members of the forum that use the "remember me" function of the log in however there is now a message box that will pop up when you get onto the forum if you are not logged on saying to log on or if you are a new member to register. You can choose to make it so the pop up does not appear even if you are not logged on by clicking the do not display button on the pop up.

Announcement Header
While the Announcement section does exist a scrolling header has been created that will display any important announcements regarding events. The default of this header will simply be "Long Live the Union United" but will be changed for the occasion it will also display other messages regarding holidays and important days.

Activity Counter
The Activity Counter is a point system in which points are awarded for creating posts, creating topics and how many days it has been since your registration. These points act as a base to a reputation counter on how reliable and active a member is, as such members with higher points will have more knowledge and will be able to help newer members more. Note that those who preform actions for the Star Seed Union United out of assignment will be able to gain extra activity counter points.

Code of Conduct Alterations
The Star Seed Union United's code of conduct was recently revised by myself and secondly approved by Captain Etzio Driez. These changes are mostly minor such as text revisions and working towards more equality and security. If you have not please read the Code of Conduct as there are some larger edits such as the annexed portions labeled under (#).(#) in the list.
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SSUU Forum Update 10/12/14
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