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This is the forum to the Star Seed Union United's public notifications, actions, and debates. All are welcome with open arms into our organization who wish to enter
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Meeting on June 12th 2015 at 5p.m EST, Long Live The Union United!

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 Star Seed Union United Code of Conduct.

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Condread Selstar

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PostSubject: Star Seed Union United Code of Conduct.   Mon Aug 11, 2014 7:49 pm

Base Rules.

1: All Star Seeds are accepted into the SSUU however they are not forced to join or forced to stay after joining except for Captains or Commanders ranked members.

2: If a member of the SSUU acts on their own accord in a manner that puts the SSUU as a group in danger and it is agreed on by either 2/3 Captain ranked of the SSUU or 3/4 of the entire group not including the heads the member is subject to expulsion from the SSUU

3: Non-Star Seeds are allowed into the SSUU so long as they join a section of the SSUU
3.1 Members who are not star seeds that wish to join the rank of Commander or higher must get recommendation from either 3 Commanders or 2 Captains.

4: Decisions of the SSUU can be decided by having 2/3 of the Captain ranked members agree on a topic or 3/4 of the members agree on the topic. A decision made by at least 2/3 Captain Ranked members of the SSUU can be overturned by having 3/4 of all other members of the SSUU disagree.
4.1: A time of 3 days will be given between decision and action to allow time for non captain members to poll on the decision.
4.2: If 2/3rds of the captains of the SSUU deem an already ordered operation to dangerous for legal or safety reasons they may continue to push back the operation 1 week to replan said operation for up to 5 weeks. After the 5th week if the operation is not carried out the operation must be decommissioned.

5: The SSUU is a Neutral Party in all cases unless a member of the SSUU or Star Seed has been dragged into the conflict. If a member of the SSUU is dragged into a conflict as a neutral party with no prior intervention and is subsequently injured, killed, and or arrested The SSUU will make a decision on weather to aid and or retaliate depending on said case.
5.1: If a member or of the SSUU is attacked in any manner the person of persons responsible for said attack are classified as enemies of the SSUU and action may be taken against them.

6: In times of extreme danger a Code 86 can be issued by any SSUU Captain ranked member. At any time 2 other members of the SSUU feel the SSUU is in danger for a legitimate reason they can bring it to a Captain ranked member for an appeal to code 86. Code 86 means members of the SSUU are to stop use of Star Seed / Spiritual abilities until further notice to avoid detection.

7: If a member of the SSUU has violated 3 decisions made by the SSUU that was not overturned the will lose the ability to be counted in future decisions. If they violate 5 decisions they are subject to a trial of expulsion of the SSUU.
7.1: A trial will allot 3 members from sections other than the section of the one on trial from which a majority rules vote will occur to allow the accused to remain in the SSUU or to be expelled.

8: If a decision is made by a single member of the SSUU that risks the safety of the SSUU and if conflict is caused is risk to expulsion of the SSUU by decision of 2/3 Captain ranked members of the SSUU or 51% of other SSUU members.

9: All members of the SSUU are subject to this code of conduct including the heads of the SSUU unless the conditions for a reason otherwise are appropriate.

10: Leaking information not permitted to a class of the SSUU is counted as a strike if 2 of them are acquired the member who has leaked information will be expelled from the SSUU.

11: New Recruits can not vote in SSUU decisions for their 1st month.

Added since the original 11:

12. The use of vulgar language is not accepted and will be edited out of posts and replaced with words to fit the same meaning in a professional manner.
12.1: A message will be sent to you if this is done with a copy paste of the original and edited message.

13. Use of the forum chat is a privilege refrain from insulting anyone or using vulgar language

14. Report any problems or issues you have to a member of a higher rank than you if the problem can not be resolved a Captain will be asked to resolve it.

15: Information can be classified to rank of Captain and Commander to maintain order and safety of the SSUU and all classified information will be released when it is no longer a threat to the order and safety of the SSUU

16: The basic rights of man is never to be infringed upon.


Class 1/ Captains : members are the highest tier members and are the heads of the SSUU and have access to all information

Class 2 / Commander : These members of the SSUU work directly under the Class 1 members because of which have the second most knowledge to allow them to assist the head members.

Class 3 / Lieutenants : These members have access to all information that is not classified to the Captains and Commanders.

Class 4 / Member: These are members who have been in the group for at least 1 month and have access to any information disclosed by commanders

Class 5 / New Recruit : These members will have access to any information disclosed by Class 4 members and will be able to take part in SSUU decisions after the 1st month.

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Star Seed Union United Code of Conduct.
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